About Me

My name is Edmund Pawelec and I am currently looking for a permanent positon with a investment bank, hedge fund, asset management firm, or trading firm. I am also available for shorter term consulting positions.  A summary of my experience is listed below.  Please feel free to contact me directly for additional information.

Derivative Strategist and Portfolio Manager with experience in the design of hedging and speculative strategies for sectors indexes and individual equity options to minimize risk and enhance alpha.
• Developed and presented stock and sector specific option strategies for institutional clients defining both risks and benefits.
• Implemented dispersions strategies by capitalizing on volatility differentials between sector indices and their components.
• Mitigated risks associated with implied volatility, interest rates, and price fluctuations through dynamic hedging.

Advisor and Market Commentator with ability to define and explain opportunities in real time and in relation to larger portfolios.
• Explained differing approaches to evaluating market data to institutional clients who requested assistance in improving their models.
• Developed explanatory papers to assist portfolio managers in expanding their mandates when approaching their respective boards.
• Provided daily written commentary on option flows in listed markets to determine broad market and stock specific insights.

Securities Trader with ability to excel in fast paced and demanding floor trading environment.
• Made markets in variety of individual equity and index options on Philadelphia Stock Exchange on and off floor.
• Analyzed economic, financial, and technical data for broad market and stock specific impact on a daily basis.
• Provided electronic off floor execution services in listed options for institutional clients.

Contact e-mail: edmund.pawelec@gmail.com